We are committed to Quality Management

AWESOMENICS promises to achieve customer satisfaction and corporate profits by customized manufacturing with differentiated know-how and technology.

Certificate Certificate

We comply with the quality management process and
perform our work in accordance with our internal
quality manual and procedure guidelines.

Engineering · Qualification

AWESOMENICS strives to supply innovative products by continuous R&D
using proven research and production facilities.

In addition, we are applying facility and process improvement to
achieve the best quality and trust with customers.

  • 3D Modeling
    • Advanced CAD/CAM Modelling
  • CNC Lathe
    • Ultra-precision fabrication
  • MCT Drilling machine
    • Wide range of Engineering
      plastic fabrication
  • Non-contact 3D
    measurement System
    • Non-contact measurement
    • Top quality inspection
  • Assembly
    • Precision assembly
  • X-ray
    • Real time X-RAY
  • FDR Tester
    • Resistance, Spring force
  • High Current Tester
    • Current Analysis
  • Life span Tester
    • Reliability Analysis
customer satisfaction
with complete quality control

Creating the great products starts with understanding
the customer's business

We manufacture optimized products for customer satisfaction
through solutions that respond to customer requirements.

AWESOMENICS produces valuable and differentiated
TEST SOCKET, TEST PIN with clear goals and distinct concepts
based on 25+ years experience and professional know-how.